When a company entrusts its reputation to an agency will receive more or less effective answers and solutions to its business issues, but just giving answers has never been enough for us, because we have always thought that it is rather more importantto make the right questions.
This is why Glebb & Metzger is a communication company, a team of professionals who reach certain objectives because of their targeted strategies, who study the most effective actions and tools right next to the client, and who are not afraid to advise against something that shows to be useless or counterproductive.

Grown in the PR and visual communication, we have expanded our know-how and specialised after exploring all sorts of media, working with passion and commitment in all sectors, constantly aware that every client is unique.
All our work teams are constantly interconnected, because it is from the exchange of views that we achieve the best results. This is how we won the trust of major brands and small to medium enterprises that have grown with us. Today we owe our solidity specifically to this type of approach.

A specific internal division is focused on the study, concept and creation of events. Our objective is to link brands to their public, creating unique experiences. Ranging from the big events to the corporate meetings, every project is studied and planned in detail to astonish and thrill the public.

Starting in 2016, Wacky Weapon joined our team as a partner company specialised in unconventional marketing and digital strategies, because hitting contemporary targets requires the right weapons.

We are an Italian company, but we have worked with Clients from all over the world: this is why we are active members of two important national and international networks.

If we made you curious, there is only one thing to do: come and meet us.

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