Technology has allowed the Fondazione De Fornaris, active for almost 40 years in the art world, to create “Il Museo che non c’è”, an innovative virtual museum to exhibit the masterpieces of its large collection – from Hayez to Pellizza da Volpedo, from de Chirico to Morandi and Casorati, from Burri to Carol Rama and Pistoletto. Glebb & Metzger was chosen to communicate one of the very few examples in the world of a museum that does not physically exist, but designed specifically to be visited and appreciated online only, enhancing the image and reputation of a cultural institution of absolute prestige.
Through the online presentation, journalists and influencers were able to preview the rooms of “Il Museo che non c’è” thanks to an immersive, engaging and innovative experience in the Italian cultural and artistic panorama.

Codebò Elevators – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Codebò has always put the quality of service and the ability to respond to customer needs first. The constant and direct relationship with each of them has played a fundamental role in ensuring the best possible services in terms of maintenance, technical assistance...