Andrea Bartolini & personal branding in the restaurant business

Food communication thrives online nowadays, but how does one modernize a restaurant’s communication and build an online reputation? Glebb & Metzger’s challenge consisted in elaborating a personal branding strategy on social media around Andrea Bartolini, the owner of well-known restaurants on the Adriatic Riviera. Furthermore, thanks to an intense digital PR activity, Glebb & Metzger asked web influencers to describe intheir posts their weekend experiences organised by the “Architect of Taste”, Andrea Bartolini. The publication of photos on their profiles and the sharing of specific hashtags started up a mechanism of likes and comments that brought the respective fanbases to go to Andrea’s Instagram profile and start following him. It is the power of online/offline connections.


Andrea Bartolini, owner of a number of restaurants, a degree in Architecture and a deep knowledge of the sea and its products, wanted to be acknowledged in an environment – the restaurant business – where the main players are usually chefs.


Glebb & Metzger built a personal branding strategy, exploiting the young and “uncommon” character of Andrea Bartolini through experience weekends that also involved his private life, hence working indirectly on the acknowledgment of his venues.


Today, Andrea Bartolini, acknowledged as the “Architect of Taste”, is a well-known face and a reference in the high-level restaurant business.