Casa Capriolo: storytelling of a real estate project

Casa Capriolo is a highly prestigious real estate project in the centre of Turin: a late 19th century building built by a businessman, Emanuele Capriolo, for his family. The client’s need was to reach its defined target effectively, despite the not lively housing market trend, with a communication that might be enticing and value enhancing of the project’s pluses. Drawing from the concepts of home and family, placing them in context within the city’s centre, all the communication – ranging from concept to naming, website, sales promotional materials, ad campaign, on-site information panels – pivoted around Emanuele Capriolo’s character, thus turning the first owner of the building into a conceptual icon of metropolitan living.


Enhance an ambitious real estate project, with a communication that can emotionally stimulate the reference target.


Glebb & Metzger creates a storytelling around the figure of Emanuele Capriolo – who built the building – turning him into a contemporary character, testimonial of the whole communication.


An ad campaign and communication tools with a warm tone that managed to convey the building and its position’s pluses efficiently.