DiaSorin @ AMCLI Annual Congress

Introduce Diasorin’s innovative solutions to the community of Italian clinical microbiologists, within an essentially traditional context such as the AMCLI Annual Congress: this was the brief received from the client, in addition to the limitations of the location’s spacing and structure and the consequent budget. The solution: study and create a lean structure that could develop vertically, thus leaving the necessary space for meetings, demos and presentations; give technology a central position, making it the main player of a quasi-theatrical ad, thanks to a 3D application designed ad hoc and the interaction with a touch screen.


DiaSorin wants to create an innovative space within a traditional context that can introduce new technologies.


Glebb & Metzger designs a light stand, both in terms of architecture and budget, that puts messages and innovation in the spotlight.


The most seen and visited exhibition space at the Congress, with all demos fully booked.