Goodyear at the Geneva International Motor Show: the tyre of the future is a sphere

The Geneva International Motor Show is one of the most important events in the automotive sector and the 2017 edition was the opportunity for Goodyear to exhibit its research findings and plans on intelligent tyres. The company introduced, in a world preview, its Eagle 360 Urban, the first spherical tyre, equipped with sensors and AI, and capable of sensing, deciding, interacting and changing on its own. Glebb & Metzger gave its support to Goodyear during the whole kermesse, by managing relations with the press, physically present at the event and remotely connected, by creating a live event directly on the company’s Facebook page. The Eagle 360 Urban captured the general and specialized media’s attention, which in turn described the cutting-edge specifics of the concept, in a vast number of articles on newspapers, television and web reports.


The automotive sector is going through a revolutionary change and Goodyear wants to keep up with the times, thanks to the innovative concept of a new spherical tyre.


Glebb & Metzger exploits the brand’s presence at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show as a communication opportunity for the novelty.


The Eagle 360 Urban was at the centre of interest of online and offline media, reaching over 70 publications on general and specialized media.