Can a museum reopen without ever closing?

The opening of the Museo Egizio was the victory of a big gamble: the coexistence of a construction site amongst the biggest in Europe with the museum without ever closing a single day to the public; a five-year long work in progress ended in the historic April 1, 2015. An ambitious goal achieved also thanks to a constant dialogue – through newspapers, radio and TV – with the loving support of the public that has rewarded and continues to reward the Museo Egizio with record numbers of visits. Glebb & Metzger took care of the press previews, achieving record results. The participation of journalists who reported the opening live was, in fact, extraordinary not only nationally but also and above all internationally. A visibility capable of giving life to a unique success story, enabling the Museo Egizio to be among the top 10 most visited museums in Italy and among the top 100 in the world.


Keep the media’s attention from the start of the construction site’s, up to opening of the new Museo Egizio.


Glebb & Metzger establishes a constant dialogue with the public and media about the construction site’s progress and the news ahead of the inauguration.


A great press preview with hundreds of articles on national and international media, television and radio, for a grand re-opening.