Recoaro: a contemporary restyling

A project with a high degree of difficulty: to renew a brand that is not only loved very much, but is defined by a whole territory and its traditions. Moreover, if the brand in question is a mineral water, on the tables of entire generations of Italians and Venetians every day, the challenge becomes even more complicated. The restyling of the logo and the label pursued the following strategy: avoid being dragged in the vintage fashions of the moment, and go to the roots of the Recoaro image and recognizability, to then update it according to current tastes. The end result is a contemporary restyling, which emphasizes the link with the territory and the mountains, and that immediately strikes the consumer: a project with a great impact, in which the historic logo stands out thanks to a reinterpretation that harmonizes with the colours and the shapes by enhancing the chromatic strength of the packaging.


Rejuvenate a historic water brand, strongly rooted in the area and centered on tradition.


Glebb & Metzger makes a pondered and reasonable restyling that can update the brand to the current times.


Recoaro is revealed with a new look that does not turn away from tradition, meeting the favours of its past and present consumers ever since its launch.