WaterView, join the Rainvolution!

Is it possible to measure rain? The answer is yes, and the merit goes to WaterView, a spin-off from the Politecnico di Torino, that develops service for the collection and analysis of Big Data in meteorology and is specialised in the creation of intelligent systems to monitor atmospheric phenomena and environmental parameters. The technological innovation of WaterView is able to revolutionize the precipitation monitoring and data collection system with a new technique which measures the intensity of the rainfall, ffrom the characteristics of light stripes left by water drops in videos and photographs, which can come from traditional cameras, network cameras, webcams or smartphones. To promote this important invention through communication, WaterView sought the advice of Glebb & Metzger, who managed the PR and the press office for the company, as well as creating the website and manage the business’ social activity on its LinkedIn profile. The communication activity, especially with the press office, immediately took shape with the publication of many articles, television and radio reports on general & industry newspapers and networks, stimulating an interest in WaterView’s technology in various sectors where knowing the rainfall intensity can make a difference: from civil protectionworkers to road management and control, from weather service providers to agricultural consortia. A new and revolutionary project that responds to the need to collect data that often has to do with the safety of people and that can really provide an important service to both private companies and public administration, and organisations in general.


WaterView is an innovative start-up with a revolutionary meteorological software, but is unknown to its stakeholders.


Glebb & Metzger plans and designs the tools needed to communicate the project to its stakeholders by creating an interest for the subject with media and public relations.


Great coverage both on the generaland and specialized media, and development of relationships with public or private organisations that are particularly interested in meteorological monitoring.